Amazon Must Haves

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You may have missed Amazon Prime Day in July, but there are still plenty of must haves out there at great prices. For many of us, Amazon has become a trusted source for quick and convenient purchases.

If you have been curious about Amazon Prime and what it entails, they are offering a free trial.Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial before committing to the monthly fee to see if Amazon Prime is for you.

Here are 11 of my favorite Amazon items ranging from Travel Accessories, Fashion, Household Items, and Electronics:

1. Sunglasses. The vintage round sunglass style is really trendy right now. Want to get a pair without breaking the bank? Try the SUNGAIT Classic Retro Vintage Round. The best part is that they are under $20.

2. Portable Battery Charger. As a person that travels often, having a portable battery charger is a necessity. My go to is the Anker External Battery. I was sitting on a flight recently that had been delayed for close to 4 hours. The plane didn’t have outlets to charge a phone so the external battery pack saved the day. It was also helpful to the passenger sitting next to me who also used it for his young son’s tablet.

3. Maxi Dress. This maxi dress by Grecerelle is a great casual dress for the summer time because it is so light weight. I bought it in the army green color and LOVE that it has pockets. You can chose from several different color options. The material is 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex so it is a little thin. You can’t beat the price – it’s under $25!

4. Home Security Cameras. After an attempted break in a few years ago, we immediately bought security cameras for our home. They alert you when there is motion in or outside of your home. We have both the Nest and the Arlo Camera systems. The Nest is best for quality, however, you have to keep it plugged into an outlet. For us, this was not practical for outdoor use. In addition, to keep 10 days of data, you have to pay an annual fee. We only use the Nest for indoors.

The Arlo Cameras are our favorite for outdoors. The video quality is still good but not as good as the Nest. They also have to be charged every few months (or weeks depending on how active the camera area is). The pro to the Arlo camera is that they can be used wirelessly (no plugging in!) and you do not have to pay a yearly subscription.

Whenever we are away on vacation, we take comfort in being able to see if anything is happening back home. PRO TIP: If you do end up buying these at Best Buy, check the pricing on Amazon first. If it’s sold by Amazon, Best Buy will match the price.

5. Car Mount Phone Holder. This is one of my favorite items for the car. All you have to do is stick a small metal plate on the back of your phone and slip the round magnetic holder to your AC vent. It holds the phone securely in place while keeping the directions visible during your trip. Any friend that drives in my car always ends of ordering them. Very inexpensive too!

6. Air Mattress. Air mattresses have come a long way and they are worth keeping an extra one or two in your closet for when company arrives. I have two of the Intex Air Mattresses and have had zero complaints. It is easy to fill with an internal electric pump – just plug into the wall and turn on. Great price for the quality.

7. Scarf. Yes it’s crazy to think of purchasing a scarf in the middle of summer but planes, cars and restaurants can get really cold! You will not regret throwing a scarf in your travel bag or purse. I love this one because it is large enough to also be used as a shawl plus it is made of that soft pashmina material.

8. Blue Blockers. Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones and computers. Whether it be for work or play, you need to protect your eyes by getting a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They provide 100% UV400 protection and filter harmful blue light from computers, phones and the tv. This pair even has a 30 day quality guarantee. I have them in the cute leopard frame.

9. Car Phone Charger. You may think this is nothing special, but this is a must have car essential. This charger plugs into the auxiliary car outlet (formerly known as the cigarette lighter receptacle) and charges your phone lightning quick. How many times have you charged your phone in the regular USB port while using GPS? It either doesn’t charge your phone or still depletes the battery. You can find them cheaper on Amazon than you will at a gas station or retailer.

10. WiFi Smart Plug. Technology has made our homes more efficient. This Smart Plug lets you turn devices on and off without getting up, create schedules and set timers from your phone using the Kasa Smart app. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. If you are away on vacation and realize that you forgot to schedule your lamp timer, you can still schedule it from your phone wherever you are.

11. Fedora Sun Hat. Are you on the search for a new summer time hat? Look no further with the Pineapple & Star Fedora. It is a packable and crushable panama hat that is perfect for travel, the beach, and any outdoor use. It is adjustable and UPF50+. Click the picture to check out the reviews.