Hi, I’m Bonnie.

I bet that many of you have dreamed of starting a business, writing a book or even creating your very own blog. These were once thoughts of mine. In April of 2019, it was time to stop dreaming of creating a travel blog and actually start making that dream a reality!

My parents used to take my brother and I on a lot of trips when we were growing up. We ate our way through New York City, went snorkeling in the Florida Keys, hiked and skied the mountains of North Carolina and even got to see Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Those trips sparked a desire to travel more as an adult.

After graduating from the University of Central Florida, a friend and I decided to take a celebratory trip. We were about to start our “real life” that would have us working until retirement – God willing!

Our original seven day Contiki tour in Italy turned into a month and a half traveling through Europe. We hit Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, and England. It was the BEST decision we ever made.

What makes me a travel expert?

For the past decade, I have been traveling for work, taking over 100 flights each year. It’s long days and a lot of hard work and that’s why you’ve come to right place – there are so many tips that need to be shared with a novice traveler like yourself. Did you know that you can travel through airport security with bottled water – as long as it’s frozen? Did you know that wearing a bedazzled shirt or pants will guarantee you an extra pat down at airport security? Or that when packing your suitcase, if you roll your clothes, it will save you almost half of your suitcase room?